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What is a ENS Domain?
The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a distributed, open, and extensible naming system based on the Ethereum blockchain. ENS’s job is to map human-readable names like thugpugs.eth to machine-readable identifiers such as Ethereum addresses, other cryptocurrency addresses, content hashes, and metadata.
What can I do with a ENS Domain?
When you visit a website, you type a domain name in your browser, such as, and not the IP Address of that website, right? ENS achieves the same simplicity within the Ethereum blockchain, making it easier to interact with other users and contracts.
It effectively eliminates the need for humans to use full ETH addresses, such as 0x6dcb853c33eb…, enabling you instead to use .eth domain, such as .thugpugs.eth.
What is thugpugs.eth?
The thugpugs.eth domain is owned by Thug Pugs, and actually points to our contract address.
Check it out on Etherscan.
What are thugpugs.eth subdomains?
We're offering one subdomain under the thugpugs.eth domain per Thug Pug.
The Thug Pug holder that claims the subdomain can point their subdomain to the wallet that holds the Thug Pug.
Are thugpugs.eth subdomains free?
Yes, the subdomains are free. You'll only have to pay for gas to confirm the transaction on the block chain.
Why should I claim my thugpugs.eth subdomain?
By claiming your thugpugs.eth subdomain, you will to pick a subdomain and associate it with the wallet that holds the Thug Pug. If you sell your Thug Pug, the subdomain will still be yours, and will still point to the same wallet.
How do I claim my thugpugs.eth subdomain?
Step 1: Access the Thug Pugs Domains feature and connect the MetaMask wallet that holds your Thug Pug and that you wish to point a subdomain to.
Step 2: Choose the ID of the Thug Pug that you'll use to make the claim
Step 3: Enter the subdomain that you want to claim
Step 4: Confirm your choice in the feature
Step 5: Finalize the transaction in MetaMask (you only pay for gas)
How many subdomains can I claim?
Each Thug Pug can only claim one subdomain, ever.
After a subdomain has been claimed for a particular Thug Pug, that Thug Pug no longer can claim other subdomains.
Can I claim many subdomains if I own many Thug Pugs?
Yes, you can. Note that the subdomain that you claim will point to the wallet address that holds the Thug Pug that you're using to make the claim. We do not recommend that you do that, but you can. If you want different subdomains to point to different wallet addresses, you should move the different Thug Pugs to different wallets and do the claim.
Can I sell Thug Pugs with claimed or unclaimed subdomains on the secondary market?
Yes, you can.
What happens if I buy a Thug Pug that already claimed their subdomain on the secondary market?
If you want to buy a Thug Pug on the secondary market (for example, on OpenSea) and want to claim a subdomain, you should check our website prior to buying to ensure that a subdomain hasn't been claimed for that Thug Pug yet.