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What is $TBONE?
$TBONE is a deflationary utility ERC-20 token native to the Ethereum blockchain. It is awarded to members of the Thug Pugs community as described below.
What can I use $TBONE for?
$TBONE is a utility token usable in the Thug Pugs ecosystem to use in features and unlock rewards. Some examples are naming Thug Pugs Genesis on-chain, special discounts on merch, exchanging $TBONE for Thug Pug Wearables packs, and more to be announced in the future. $TBONE has no economic value and is not an investment.
How are $TBONE tokens awarded?
  • Holders of Thug Pugs Genesis NFTs are awarded 10 $TBONE tokens per day per NFT held during 10 years. No staking necessary.
  • Holders of the upcoming Thug Pugs Unleashed NFTs are awarded 2 $TBONE tokens per day per NFT held during 10 years. No staking necessary.
  • Our upcoming P2E game, Thug Pugs Gang Wars, will also award $TBONE tokens to players.
  • We may also award $TBONE in other ways in the future.
What is the max supply of $TBONE?
The max supply of $TBONE is 100,000,000 $TBONE over 10 years. Tokens will be issued/awarded, as follows:
  • Thug Pugs Genesis: 10 $TBONE per day * 1250 tokens * 365.25 days * 10 years = max 45,656,250 $TBONE tokens.
  • Thug Pugs Unleashed: 2 $TBONE per day * 5000 tokens * 365.25 days * 10 years = max 36,525,000 $TBONE tokens.
  • Thug Pugs Gang Wars and other mechanisms: max 17,818,750 $TBONE over 10 years.
$TBONE awards for Gang Wars and other mechanisms will be announced later as we release them.
Is $TBONE deflationary?
Yes. Every $TBONE that is spent on official features is burnt.
How can I claim $TBONE tokens?
You can claim $TBONE on our website at You’ll need to connect with MetaMask and use the same wallet in which you hold your Thug Pugs. You don't have to stake your Thug Pugs to be elligible, you simply need to own them.
How many $TBONE tokens can I claim?
At any moment, you can claim whatever amount has been awarded to your wallet on our website (see previous question). You don't need to claim every day, and this no maximum and no minimum.
Is it free to claim $TBONE tokens?
Yes, although you have to pay a small gas fee to the Ethereum network.
How do $TBONE claims work if I sell or buy Thug Pugs NFTs?
Every Thug Pug Genesis and Thug Pug Unleashed is associated with a $TBONE reward. If you sell your NFT while you have unclaimed $TBONE, the new owner will gain access to the unclaimed $TBONE. Likewise, if you buy an NFT and the previous owner left unclaimed $TBONE, you'll gain the ability to claim those.
Is the $TBONE reward clock reset if I transfer by NFTs?
No. You can transfer your NFTs to and from any of your wallets and it won't affect the reward counter (see previous question).
Can I buy, sell or trade $TBONE tokens?
Thug Pugs do not provide ways to buy, sell or trade $TBONE tokens. However, decentralised exchanges such as Uniswap or SushiSwap allow trading any ERC-20 token. So if the community funds liquidity pools for $TBONE tokens, they will be tradable.