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Names FAQs

What is this feature?
You can name your Thug Pugs Genesis on-chain by spending $TBONE tokens. The name must be unique and your Thug Pug’s Genesis name will look like this on OpenSea and elsewhere: Thug Pug #ID - The name you’ve chosen.
How do I name my Thug Pugs Genesis?
  • Access the Names feature on our website at
  • Connect with a MetaMask wallet that holds the Thug Pug that you want to name.
  • Enter the ID of the Thug Pug that you want to name, then enter the name you want to give your Thug Pug.
  • You will be asked to spend $TBONE (which will be burnt) and pay a small gas fee to the Ethereum network.
Can two Thug Pugs have the same name?
No. At any given time, all names are unique. However, names used in the past and changed become available again.
How many $TBONE tokens does it cost?
It costs 10 $TBONE to name a Thug Pug Genesis for the first time. After the first name claim of each Thug Pug, changing the name will cost exponentially more, by a factor of 2. So, the second time you change the name of a given Thug Pug, it will cost you 20 $TBONE, then 40 $TBONE the third time, then 80 $TBONE, then 160 $TBONE, etc. A small gas fee, paid to the Ethereum network, will be required.
What is $TBONE and how can I get some?
$TBONE is the utility token of the Thug Pugs ecosystem. You can earn some by holding Thug Pugs NFTs or via other supported mechanisms. Check out the details at